Great Dining Spots in Columbus Ohio

Columbus Ohio has gathered a reputation as a cultural and hot spot in recent years. it also has a growing following of dedicated art lovers and is in addition celebrated for its diversity. These attributes have in turn led to the city establishing itself as a destination for those who want to enjoy a diverse number of different dining options-from family and classic American foods to high end choices as far as fine dining is concerned.

Here are some great culinary spots to get under the skin of this fascinating and friendly city.

firs in the lineup is the Veritas Tavern. Excellent atmosphere and a reputation built on some of the best cocktails in the city and small plates of carefully crafted foods. The roasted oysters with taste highlights provided by chili butter with lemon sounds deceptively simple but is delivered with aplomb. The steak with coconut curry and pickled celery should not be missed. this is a small restaurant that already has a reputation for punching well above its weight class.

G. Michael’s Bistro and Bar brings a touch of Southern hospitality and taste to Ohio. the Charleston trained chef, David Tetzloff combines those down home tastes with Midwestern flair and the results are spectacular. The pork dishes have met with widespread acclaim – but the seafood offerings should at least be given the opportunity to shine. A great wine list rounds off the experience.

For fine dining The Refractory is one of the best experiences in Ohio. Classic French cuisine, complimented by chamber music and a highly experienced staff – and one of the shining examples of a well thought out and extensive wine list make this a place where diners truly savor the experience. There’s an excellent reason that this dining venue has been awarded the prestigious Four Diamond Award from the AAA for 14 years running.

For those with a hunger for the unique and delicious tastes of Greek cuisine the Happy Greek is without doubt home to the best Greek cuisine in Columbus. This casual style venue serves up all the traditional flavors with a touch of authenticity that makes the experience difficult to beat.

Visit Columbus, Ohio and experience some of the best tastes in the Midwest. The hummus and gyro are classically delicious – and make sure to try the Greek style lasagna (pastitsio). A great selection of Greek beers are available for those who want to try something different.

Visit Columbus and get under the skin of makes Ohio one of the up and coming culinary destinations of the Midwest.